The door, essential feature of the environment in which we live, it is a design element that characterizes us. Whether Romantica,
Brillante, Caprice, New Gold, Silver, Harmony or Bio, the door has always expressed our concept of space.

Ecology, Environment, Research

Nothing is worth more than ourselves, ‘BIO’ is environmental sustainability.

Piquadro launches new eco border: ORGANIC paint the door with high technological innovation.

Making ours the concept that ‘the Earth does not belong to man but the man belongs to the Earth’, we strive to use first on the painted water-based products market ‘BIO’ and thus environmentally friendly.

The custom-made door for you


Piquadro think, idea, designs, builds.


A wide range of customizations to make unique and unrepeatable door: glass, leather, lacquer, mortar … the choice is yours.

Design, Development, Tradition


…from the heritage of the past, where everything was conceived to last in tie, Piquadro doors are born

New catalogue

…with vivacity and passion Piquadro looks to the future and raise the bar on the market.